Artisan Photo Restoration is owned and operated by Alan Radom,
who has expertly restored and retouched thousands of photographs;
originally using traditional tools of the trade - paintbrushes and chemicals.
Since 1992, all work has been done digitally, using only state of the art
scanners, cameras and printers. Printing is done with archival inks and
a variety of archival papers. Each photograph is analyzed and estimated
immediately, and great care is taken to ensure that every restored
image is properly optimized for contrast, color and sharpness.
While it is certainly preferable to assess the actual photograph, it's
possible to estimate the work based on an e-mailed image. If you wish
to e-mail any images for an estimate, save them as JPG files.
Artisan Photo Restoration is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan
in New York City. Please call first or e-mail for an appointment.